Innovations in Biomaterials for Drug Delivery

Biomaterials play a crucial role in drug delivery systems, providing the scaffolding for controlled drug release. This session will highlight recent innovations in biomaterials, including smart biomaterials and bioresponsive drug carriers.

Track A: Smart biomaterials and responsive drug carriers: Attendees will explore the development of biomaterials that respond to specific environmental cues, allowing for precise drug release. Smart polymers, hydrogels, and responsive nanoparticles will be discussed.

Track B: Biodegradable materials in drug delivery: Biodegradable biomaterials are gaining popularity for their ability to break down in the body, eliminating the need for removal. This subtopic will showcase biodegradable drug delivery systems and their applications.

Track C- Biomaterials for tissue-specific targeting: Tissue-specific drug delivery is a critical aspect of precision medicine. This session will cover biomaterials designed to target specific tissues or organs, improving drug delivery accuracy.

Track D- Biomimetic drug delivery systems: Biomimetic biomaterials mimic natural biological processes, enhancing drug delivery efficiency. Attendees will learn about biomimetic drug carriers and their potential in personalized medicine.

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